What are our mats made of? 

Our mats are single sided and made of bonded leather. This means that the top is made of PU leather while the backing is flocked suede. They contain 88% PU leather and 12% leather fibres. 

How to remove creases?

You can steam the underside (flocked suede) of the mat until smooth. We find that laying it flat, hanging it up or rolling it up works too! However, please do not iron!

Are they safe for your little ones?

Yes! The mats have been tested and certified to be free of lead, phthalates and other harmful products. 

Special uses for mats

Our mats can withstand quite a bit, however it is not indestructible. Please avoid using markers, pens and paints directly on them. Richly coloured food items such as pasta, curries and especially red wine can cause staining and we cannot take responsibility for any discolouration. Please be cautious in use. Avoid placing hot items directly on the mat without a coaster. 


All mats come with a care label that you can find stitched at the loop. Use a damp rag or gentle cleaner to wipe down dirty areas. Take care when cleaning printed mats as some cleaners and vigorous wiping can cause the print to fade. Do not machine wash or place in a dryer.


Ensure that the mat is completely dry before folding. If not, you may simply hang it up by its loop. Storing it away when damp as with all materials can cause mold and mildew which we cannot be responsible for.